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I visit these pages often. Links marked with British flag are available in English language. Links marked with Yugoslav flag are in Serbian language only. To proceed to the fallowing destinations click on the image that present logo of that site. 

Yugoslavian government official site. 

Town of Kragujevac 

Serbian orthodox church 

Royal house of Serbia and Yugoslavia 

Yugoslavian police forces are one of the best in the world. English version

In my town is located detective agency "Ozna" 

You want sport, you are going to get it here, Serbian version

Everything about tennis, Serbian version

Newspaper "Blic" (Flash) 

Radio and television "Free B92" site with hot news from Yugoslavia 

"Free Serbia" magazine with fast news 

Radio station "Druga boja" (Second color) 

I like to watch Simpson's, they are all on WEB also 


My friends:  -Milan Peric 

http://solair.eunet.yu/zdp -Zeljko Pajkic -Milos Mihajlovic -Mirko Maksimovic 

Sience: Center for rational spending the energy

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Televisinon: - TV Pink - TV Braca Karic





The town of Kragujevac: University of Kragujevac TV Kragujevac - Mechanical faculty in Kragujevac -Mathematic faculty in Kragujevac - Medicine faculty in Kragujevac